Rotadent® Plus Brush Head (Long-Tip)

Rotadent® Plus Brush Head (Long-Tip)

The long-tip is designed for patients with large spaces between teeth and for those patients with fixed bridges. The additional length enables plaque and debris to be swept away from underneath prosthetic teeth on singular and multi-unit fixed bridges.*

  • Best for patients with large interproximal spaces, orthodontics or fixed bridges
  • Sweeps under the gum line where periodontal disease and peri-implantitis begins

  • Available in packs of two brush heads

*data on file

Note: The same brush heads are compatible with both ProCare & Contour models . However, Rotadent Classic and Rotadent Plus feature their own unique brush head design, and are not interchangeable. To help identify what kind of brush you have, click here.