Rotadent® Classic Black Brush Head (Short-Tip)

Rotadent® Classic Black Brush Head (Short-Tip)

The short-tip is the most universal brush head – effective for patients who have normal oral care needs, braces, or even periodontal disease. It is effective for delivering oral medication to the base of periodontal pockets – the area where it is needed most. The short-tip also reaches between teeth and below the gumline to remove bacteria.*

  • Cleans and polishes large surfaces of teeth and sweeps under gum line
  • Especially effective around braces

  • Available in packs of one brush head

*data on file

Note: The same brush heads are compatible with both ProCare & Contour models . However, Rotadent Classic and Rotadent Plus feature their own unique brush head design, and are not interchangeable. To help identify what kind of brush you have, click here.