Why Rotadent

Not Your Ordinary Toothbrush

Extraordinary Brush Head Designs
Three brush head designs are available to clean even the hardest-to-reach spots making Rotadent ProCare perfect for all patients.

  • Hollow-Tip
    Cleans and polishes large surfaces of the teeth. Ideal solution for absorbing and applying oral medications.

  • Short-Tip
    Polishes surfaces of the teeth and delivers oral medication deep below the gumline and between teeth.

  • Long-Tip
    Designed for patients with large spaces between teeth or for patients with orthodontics or prosthetics.

The MicroFilament™ Difference
One of the secrets to Rotadent’s effectiveness lies with its unique brush head. Each Rotadent brush head has 4,577 MicroFilaments — proprietary bristles that are 1/3 the width of traditional toothbrush bristles. These MicroFilaments are able to access areas that a standard bristle might miss — below the gumline and between teeth.

Ask your dentist or hygienist about a gel-based toothpaste in order to maximize the useful life of these super-fine MicroFilaments!

Rotadent is a professionally recommended homecare instrument for disease control, and can help make your homecare routine more effective.*

An Oral Health Solution for All Patients

Rotadent ProCare helps protect restorative and cosmetic dentistry, keeps gums healthy during orthodontic treatment and preserves your healthy smile. Do you fit any of these profiles? Rotadent ProCare may be the solution you’ve been looking for!

* Data on file.

Orthodontic Rotadent helps minimize staining and decalcification (“white spots”) that many patients experience.1 It has also been proven to control gingivitis and plaque that build up around braces.2

Rotadent has been proven to use less brushing force than other power toothbrushes,3 making it an ideal solution if you have veneers or extra-sensitive gum tissue.

Rotadent is safe for use on dental restorations, including crowns, fillings and bridges.

Implant If you have implants, Rotadent has been proven to be a safe at-home oral hygiene instrument on and around all implant surfaces.4